Brand Statements & Bus. Research

Vivid vision statement: 3 years in the future on 3 pages and vivid vision and figure out the plan to get the business to work.

Homebuilders and athletes visualise everything. Blueprints or plans to make everything clear about what they want to achieve.

1. Get out of the office
2. Turn off computer and pen and paper.
3. Where you wanna be and not to how to get it done.
4. Mind mapping, random stuff and travel 3 years into the future.
5. What do marketing and financials look like, what do you do daily?

by Cameron Harold

Communicate core value, core vision and re-read over and over.

Jordan Belfort

Success in the absence of epics and integrity isn’t truly a success!

We are not the mistakes of our past, we are the resources and capabilities we gleam from our past!

Essential requirements for the business success of an entrepreneur:

1. Compelling vision.

2. Sell that vision to other people that inspire individuals to join you and want your vision.


Goals are different to vision, goals serve as benchmarks on route to your vision. Identify your why to self-motivate yourself.

A key to success is being honest with yourself. Stories that tell us how we can’t achieve what we want actually stop us from getting what we want.

Tommy Chong inspired Jordan Belfort, people want to be moved emotionally and positively and they just don’t want to know about the ordinary.

Sales Requirements:

Be Certain





Tony Robbins/Roberts rip off stuff.

4 seconds within a sales call to say your sharpest attack, your enthusiastic as hell and your knowledgeable in your field.