Alter Ego

09/06/2016 Secure drop (a way to transfer encrypted files) and “Freedom of the press foundation” which specifies that information and the press should be entitled to share information regardless of what governments specify.

May 2016: I saw a book at Lyme Park Hall – 1893 Sir RF Burton – Volume 2 – Pilgramidge to Al Madinah & Mecca (note for IL).

11/03/2016 (to add recommendations for CM)

Soak & Sleep for quality bed linen/towels

Tech Insider Map of how religions originated. (for
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When Life throws a banana skin in your path…..

Home (soap loaves)


NOTE TO SELF – ARCHIMEDES_ After purchasing I think its something we can do later (so will share later – funny as Jer actually stimulated to me to organise my music too but I think it’s another not yet and have to be patient… so no more discussion on this yet and found a path can be done later or used for my own personal notes. Thankfully the experience of a law suit has taught me that if you can see problems (focus on the skin stuff for now and keep watching – kinda like what happened with HM). If large companies can have problems with soundcloud then – I have to be stronger before I try it!


Thank yoooo for everything you do and Thank you for having a heart as big as the world. Never change, I love you the way you are. Have very merry Xmas and I hope you have a very “HAPPY EVERYDAY” next year. (Your words LOL) xxx




Thank you for being you and also going through everything with me. I know what your saying – but I would never say that I have done anything in comparison for what you’ve done for me (RE: AHERM) so give it up with a coffee trying to save us both money legitimately and the time we spend fighting about washing and who’s buying coffee… although I cherish every wasted moment!!! look what is important for me to tell you!!! Alter ego will have its use always!!! Look forward to tomorrows mischief 😉 Ps. Have jeans and a cycle top for getting crappy before dinner (you got out of it).

I love the mischief. Its the reason why I look forward to coming to work :p


So what I have done is set up excel spread 11N__N__ (which can be found directly in the dropbox). TASK LISTS!

Also is a renound speaker that says “Who? Why? What? Where? When? Which? How?” so that conversations are managed and you stay in control – in terms of networking/obtaining information without giving too much of yourself aware. I do the opposite and actually answer those questions, without the person actually asking and wonder why I feel the way I do afterwards – giving too much of self when either not wanted or not interested and by doing that allow others to manage me!


Well we can safely say that I have been self developing. This is what my love of my life is doing and now back to work.


Changed blog page to article and corrected SEO for it and changed words on page from blog to articles.Not done the Read More tags for the blog page yet. I will do that on tues. XX

Have a lovely weekend. xxx


I have requested Mailchimp to download subscribers list. You will get an email when its complete.

I have done a profile for the Chorlton Tag page in word doc.

I have roughly figured out how to send emails in Send in blue. We will have a go tomorrow. Fingers crossed it will work

Xmas Gift pack uploaded on to CM products page. Please have a look and if there is anything you want me to change let me know.


Horizontal scrolling bar did not work when i put it at top menu the formatting went all wrong. I’m still trying though.


There was some broken links found with broken link checker plugin due to NG Therapies pages being deleted. Broken links was found in the joint pain blog. I have sorted it.

Still looking for how to delete pages from Google memory so there are no crawl errors found. is saying they won’t put us on as a free listing unless we put their badge on our site. I’ve looked at other sites who are listed and they don’t have their badge on it 😐 Should I put their badge on our site.

Carol said someone will be coming round to put Xmas trees up early next week. So if possible to have bought one and have it decorated with tinsel and solar lights before than.


Someone called Mark is going to call from Initial fire systems and come down and give us a free assessment of what we need (Edwin whom I spoke to specified that we are due for full replacement due to every 5 years they need reloading). I am due to review the policies and procedures over xmas on that week off – therefore will go over fire protocol with you – hence you and me are responsible individuals at the premises at all times… will teach you all that I have done GW.

My writing more isn’t an issue – have to learn how to say something without saying it.

Emails on info sorted – L booked in, Mel from Pamper Pages responded, “New to area” has been emailed back.

Have a lovely weekend… Love you xx


Hi Honey thanks for what you’ve done and also KN was happy that you didn’t give out her mobile number. Note that all therapists or anyone associated with Clear Medical should not have any details passed on (know its common sense but think something I missed off the policies and procedures – respect and equality section could be added there sometime in the future).

United U sorted and emailed Lau about booking next app. and “New to Area” email sent


Hi I have put P profile on mindcare just waiting for recent pic to go alongside profile. done the SEO for it too.

R.N has a appointment already booked on 5/12/15. I have called – no answer. I text her to see if she wants to change app date – no response so far.

Responded to S email to book app for Microneedle. waiting to be confirmed


Been texting all the clients our blog and have a feeling I want to get the email bits done. Paula’s intro needs putting on site – please email me when its on.

NG is going through pricing again and will let us know (spoke to her yest).

Alexa seems to say the scan worked and we are certified – but it is still showing a msg on the dashboard but when you click through it works.

I clicked on the X next to the Msg on dashboard and the message disappeared. Fingers crossed there will be no more issues with Alexa.


Please call R.N. which was the last call on the work mobile as I didn’t get through.

I have asked for a copy of the liability insurance for a single event or whether we are covered (have BCC’d you). Also had a look at some other sites and they were coming up at £65 ex. VAT- will discus after I get a response from our current provider.

I have ordered a timer switch which Ishy said he would fit and should arrive next weds. When I saw S today – she forgot the fork and also spoke about distribution contracts and agreements (planning them in my head). Will pick up products from supplier hopefully before you see me tomorrow.


Hi huni. Your turning into me – regarding the GSD ha ha. I have just finished the article and published it – take me as I come (with grammar and spelling mistakes). Also just so you know I updated jetpack and woo-commerce too – means more checking again – hopefully they fixed the issue. Shared the article across FB, twitter & Linked In.

I am now going to go and get some leaflets from Rajas pizza and do some leafleting.


*Sorry Forgot to post on alter ego any thoughts etc This the link to get more shit done. Some helpful hints not just to write more content but to just get more shit done. Some tips helpful for even me!!!


Also have a read of this Best length for a blog

*Talked to Clare about hiring a stall at the Arts and Craft stall on 29th November she said its £35 for stall. She is first checking to see if there in no other stalls doing the same thing similar to us and she will get back to us when she finds out.

*The spread sheet listing key words  for all the blogs and pages is almost done

30/10/2015 is only an alexa rank of 343,512 and we are better ranked than them – which means that we should be capable of more.

Reduction of grey hair may supposedly be possible through sulphur and blood circulation to melanocytes. I had a hot stone massage from Naomi and was spot on.

28/11/15 Thanks alter ego. I have to spend less energy on clients and more energy on making money… no that will never happen as clients are business… the real business (sustained, financial, ethical success)! Everyone has gone and no client so rest for a bit (its true about the rest at work). Going to do the important bits and do my article.

Bit tired now but still going to try to write the article as have had my head racing with clients issues. If I wasn’t a over thinker I wouldn’t be me!!! If I wasn’t sensitive I wouldn’t be me!!! Can only be me!!! It is a lonely world most of the time… that’s why its only really people that should be loved 😉 Love ya x


Carol from Chorlton traders was very pleased that we are going ahead with the Xmas tree holder. She will contact Collin the guy who is putting them up and she said that we will probably in the second batch of those going up as the first batch is across the road. Hopefully in the next 2 weeks.

Hugh the guy from eBay is still interested in the fireplace stuff but has been busy as he in the middle of a move. He will ring at the end of the week to arrange a time.


Client was anxious hence music playlist needed during treatment (previously made treatments better too – then I used my iPod at the gym).

Therapy room check carried out means someone left something confidential – note to self check better at night (and in morning always).

A good link as writing article (does not avertise anything that I can see that is against our ethics) If you read through it let me know if anything found (trying not to turn this into a book but was contemplating adding images of the tables of nutrients).

25/10/15 I will do

27/10/15 I just checked out the BNF website. It looks good and informative without being too difficult to understand.


Told Claire will be doing DIY on Sunday to facilitate availability. Karen has emailed (needs adding to site) and have flagged it for followup. Good job with your professional people skills… you find all the things that I find hard easy (together we are blimmin ethically unstoppable).

We make a great team together. Xx

Have scanned and put in dropbox another folder for new therapist rental. Also added the keyword thing to my folder -the spreadsheet I started (dropbox).

Gave table to N for S (the glass one from the room) – if it helps someone… why not we will buy another when/if needed.

After careful consideration (United Junk – 0161 494 5557, SK6 2RN, have decided to use my car and recycle the waste- cheaper, harder – there is no easy way, if the right way).

Dear Alterego. If wanting to add anything to my comments please do so in BOLD – so will be sure to take your opinion on board (or command – boss.. he he).

 commanding is not the best way of getting things done. Lol x

Also how did the kids get on with getting 100% with the wordings?

Saw Robin Carey yesterday at Pilates and told him how amazing he was. He also advised me, as said to him about our Yoga Video shoot – “do what I want”. Thats how he is a business lecturer, yoga guru and loving husband, friend, etc and looks amazing…. does what he wants… so I am going to do as I want… see where we go! Maybe that’s where mum went wrong, not the work load but the wanting to do(make self happy) and having to do(make others happy) – I want to make others happy… so will stop questioning self as much -TRY as its one in the same!

Just replied to “IL” whatsapp. Have to do the image quotes at some point too (maybe make the logo and website smaller)!

Ps. Shaz (ex-bus partner) would always say that 95% of his job was dealing with my mind – but your stronger than him- love you and thankful for you (many times a day and as you read even when not with me). Ps. The twitter hash tag search tool for us specifically is needed. JUST figured the filofax use – taking what is necessary from the crap I write.

Have been working on the article and posted it on twitter and facebook pages that article coming soon – want todo it properly. The brain does need breaks – then Irish Gift popped up on facebook so called him. Told him about my week and then he said about international joke as a restaurant name for the future, serving decent food from asia, ireland and germany. Note to self – saving, don’t buy domain yet as if meant to be will be – although if I feel like buying myself a treat for articles per day then I am buying it. Also since want to keep Irish Gift in the loop I thought whilst the phone was ringing to send him the page info for this.


Ebay we need an occupied sign for the therapy room door, tissues provided and also need some nice mugs and glasses.

Karen called me and is coming in tomorrow around 12pm ish and said that you would give her a contract to sign if she is happy – Tues- Saturday 10am to 8pm is avail. Note. She said wanted Mondays too and I specified cannot work Mondays (:-O)

Terry came and also said that Majid’s 1 year old died of Meningitis last week – bless them (1 of 4 kids he has) – although thanks to Terry we are all go.

Alan – another inquiry but this time for monthly lease (have BCC’d you). thinking about an ipad so that I can read more content and write more (the links for a waterproof case).

Co-schedule content blog: (haven’t read but will hopefully do later)

From study to entrepreneurship from Liv Uni Alumni

Did some more CT posting.

The Nielson Norman Group talk about how apply neuroscience principles to landing pages. and this was given from Alexa:

Thanks Sarah: Skin Treatments, Advice & Honesty That’s Rare To Find


I am going to publish updates at the top and hopefully this will fill in the bits going on in my head that you have to guess. Bless you and love you loads!!! #forwardtogether and #letsdothis (you are the one that has got me social media hash tagging).

We had a new therapy room query and I have put you as a BCC – will try and always remember. I also did a check on some sports vests with the “I am my skin” thing and they are from 01462 456 332 which are £15 each (for 5 as a minimum order – on 100% breathable polyester) and we could technically sell them donating all the proceeds to charity (would have to check with Peter if we charge VAT on charity sale)…. food for thought.

Ebay have just given us 7 days free listings again as our last one expired (please feel free to list what you want for free). Have also noticed that now I am following CM on twitter that we barely get any favorites or re-tweets (What J did is his best but as we are figuring there is so much more to it all)… the right words are powerful!

#FORWARDTOGETHER with the gifts of life strength, intelligence & endurance.

With our Irish Gift Looking over us.