Neil Patel – Info

Sounds like he is a very hard working man… good on him. My notes from his customer acquisition webinar:

His site, go to google search console. CTR (click through rate) – ensure CTR, Clicks and impressions are selected. Initially look at pages and it will give you the CTR, then select queries which gives you the keywords. Need to do something when your CTR is less than 5%.

Keywords he likes: How to, Free, You, Tips, Blog Post, Why, Best, Tricks, Great.

After changes get google to recrawl your site (check afterwards).


SEMRUSH (competitor keywords)

What runs where (banner ads competitors)

Built With (competitor analysis)

Ahrefs (links to competitors)

Wayback machine

Open Site Explorer – Site improving

Domain Hunter+ (broken links, offer to improve broken links on other sites)

Quicksprout (example of email collection pop-up)

Discount pop-up if email given

hello bar (neils own)

Exit pop-up

Buzzsumo – gives popular articles

Samcart/click funnels (tripwires for offers coming, cornering)

Core offer – profit maximize (how to get people to buy more), craiglist – recruit people, email on linkedin.

Create a quiz online – (start with 5 questions)

Also say login/get started etc instead of sign up.

Point your copy towards pre-qualify, questions to the person! (eg. you tired of looking for products, spend too much and still struggling).

Wisepops sent me an email and they are 29$ a month after a 14 day trial for customizable pop-ups that again say give returns of more than 5% (thats the lowest).