A Woman On A Mission

Clear Medical’s Founder – Background & Intention

Clear Medical is operated by Nadia Hasanie and her background is molecular biology. She aims to provide a trusted resource for skin, hair & body care. She is supported by her alter ego Nazea Husain, whom may one day disclose to the public why she does, what she does. Nadia and Nazea have similarities & drastic differences in opinions, but share the goal of giving people confidence and helping them receive the care that they deserve. We all go through different things in our lives, insecurities and hurdles that we construct for ourselves through choices. Clear Medical’s clients are the reason Nadia gets up in the morning, the reason she works late & her reward is seeing them happy with their product/service.


Lovely Yorkshire

Nadia was born & bred in Huddersfield, which is the largest town in England (home to Longley Farm Dairy, Last of the Summer Wine, Marshalls Contractors & Patrick Stewart – X Men etc.). She grew up in a green countryside landscape, with her four younger brothers. Her dad is a mechanical engineer/business person and her mother was a Physicist. Her Mum was one of the very few women to study Physics in Manchester in the 1970’s, as it was considered to be a male orientated profession. Nadia’s mother and father came to England from Asia in the 1960’s and were educated here. Nadia’s dad lives in Yorkshire and always has, he worked during the day from the age of 15 and studied engineering at night, after his father passed away in his teens he started a business.

Her Mum

Her Mother had a Catholic girl’s school education, in North Manchester. She worked as a Physicist developing aviation electronics, until the birth of her third child. Nadia’s mum played sports, was independent, adventurous and caring yet stern. Her mum was her role model and although had quite a suppressed upbringing, allowed Nadia freedom and wanted her to see what she didn’t get the chance to. She encouraged Nadia to be free thinking and believe in her own convictions.

Realisation of Differences

Nadia left her nursery due to racial abuse (due to living in a 100% Caucasian populated area of Huddersfield – where her father still lives today, although there are more ethnicities now). Due to her father’s community participation, the headmaster advised that it would be best for her to move to another school. She went to a mixed race school further from her home, which meant that she did not have the same afterschool regime as her classmates, but she did not complain. She saw a different cultural side of life in comparison to where she had lived. Nadia was very talkative and was often excluded from class, which she remembers was often due to her answering questions, when the class was being scalded for not knowing the answers (she was ignored and sent out). Yet the head mistress explained that she was being unfair on other children due to varied abilities, although she never told her off and asked her to aid her as junior school receptionist (reception staff were often off ill). These administrative duties were her first manner of work experience at junior school and opened her eyes to organisational schematics.



Nadia was taller than most of the other children towards the end of junior school (5ft10 at 10 years old), which meant she stuck out like a sore thumb, as she did in her first nursery school. High school was good and again she impressed her headmaster often organising group/school year activities. She was very sociable and outgoing, until an attempted attack, which meant she put up a front for others to see – no difference was noted by others, except her excessive weight gain. She felt that she didn’t want others to look at her and her confidence was severely affected. She no longer cared about her appearance, fat comments hurt and they reflected her feelings about herself. This experience led her to focus on other things more and gave her a greater understanding than the superficial surface we see in others.

Education & Work

During high school Nadia had work experience at an environmental consultancy and was also awarded for skin studies by AstraZeneca in her last year. Throughout high school she had actively become involved within her family retail and property leasing/regeneration business on a project support level. She left high school with 11 GCSE’s and went onto college to study French, Business Studies, and Biology & Chemistry A-levels. She then attended the University of Liverpool to study Genetics whilst working throughout the years in many different roles as a part time barrister’s clerk, bar manager, Homebase supervisor/cashier, sale’s company regional manager and telecommunications representative.

Life Changes Things

Nadia’s mum died when she was 19 and she became a guardian to her three youngest siblings (14yrs to 7 years). She commuted to Liverpool from Manchester (every few days visiting her father in Huddersfield to provide emotional and business support). She also aided her grandparents who helped with child minding, whilst Nadia was studying or working. She worked in research and found that it was limiting to what she wanted to achieve, her understanding of economics and ethics materialised. The importance of her health and well-being was something that she wanted to optimise. She lost her weight gradually (at her biggest she was 16.5 stones), through diet and exercise, which meant that her energy levels were increased. Nadia rarely wore make up and was considered not to be very girly, although sensitive about her appearance due to the past comments and attitudes towards her.


Before Business

Nadia is excessively inquisitive, and wanting to feel better, found herself researching laser hair removal, as she had bleached her hair & plucked/waxed since high school (recalls looking like a fluffy spotty bear). After a consultation with an inexperienced sales person (who knew nothing of biology or side effects) she purchased a treatment machine and to her astonishment was shocked by the basic nature of the exam for compliance. On a Sunday from a local Manchester salon, she advertised for treatments to test viability of her intention, only to find people queuing from early morning until late for treatments, as they were amazed by her standard of care. Nadia quit her job in research in 2006, when she took on a lease for the Clear Medical Clinic in Manchester.

Our Clinic

Taking on a commercial premises and running a business was a big step. She did lots of manual labour, using the knowledge she had gained over the years, to ensure a compliant public place. She trusted a friend, whom she had met at University to be her business partner, but his ethical stance differed. During the years 2007-2010 Nadia was advised that she was carrying out more treatments than most, according to an award winning supplier as her focus was always caring for her clients. She gained valuable experience and after the death of her grandfather in 2011, she succeeded in separating from her business partner and decided to market Clear Medical as an “Honest & Ethical Skin, Hair & Body Clinic”.

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Challenges & Learning Curbs

During the years at Clear Medical Nadia also managed, organised and occasionally helped out within a salon she ran at the clinic. Nadia has worked closely with holistic therapists, beauticians, hairdressers of all walks of life (as staff and freelancers). These experiences as well as legal research, led her to be horrified by the lack of regulation in the personal products and services industry, when it came to patient centred care (meaning anything that is verbal, chemical or physical that comes into contact with a human being). The core standards act for patient centred care, was introduced to protect individuals and the providers, to ensure that services and health of client are preserved. However there are currently no compulsory prosecutions for breach of practice, which has and continues to concern Nadia and the team at Clear Medical. Clear Medical was a registered independent hospital offering regulated services, until October 2010 until guidelines changed for aesthetic treatments. Clear Medical still adheres to practice rules and regularly reviews how it functions to provide optimal care.

Alternative Healthcare Route

Nadia actively researches new technologies and theories (business, natural medicine, earth sciences, biology & history) as she has found systems overlap, yet individual sectors don’t share knowledge. The change of approach for treatment and healthcare to be sustained, natural and safe for the long term, was ignited after a visit from a gentleman named Barry Cohen (brother to a man called David Cohen – genetic expert). Barry mentioned that he previously anaesthetised himself mentally (without drugs) for open heart surgery, during a conversation with Nadia, about her opinion on pharmacogenomics and unregulated media conditioning of our society. Nadia always felt that siblings could share intellectual traits in different manners and his reasoning was well thought out, she agreed with his opinions. Attempted conditioning as a scientist, already led her to find doubt within practices for current healthcare and disease treatment. The natural approach has always given, proven, safer case studies which spanned thousands of years. Like all things worth having, safe & sustained benefits, take patience and attentiveness. This approach is not for everyone, as she has met many individuals whom want quick fixes, regardless of the long-term expense to their health, which is against rules at Clear Medical. Anything that can affect life and enhance it, she aims to find, so that the knowledge can be shared with as many as possible. Confidence is something within all of us and this can either be supressed or flourish to aid us through life’s journey.

We Have Our Own Journey In Life

Nadia has many things that she wishes to improve about herself and stands by the fact that patience and focus can achieve anything. Due to experiences, friends, colleagues, family and differences in societies that she has seen, Nadia wants only one thing from her life, to make as much beneficial difference to others. She aims to share what she has learned and make her loved ones proud. Nadia believes this is possible through organisation, a good team, honesty and care. She also believes to prevent rather than cure; through knowledge, preservation and attentiveness to life’s effects on the human body.


Clear Medical currently offers free advice, skin treatments, holistic therapies & clinical psychology services. Individuals whom work within Clear Medical, share the same ethos and do not promote short term-fixes and aim to offer the highest standards of care, to improve the quality of life for its clients.

“Clear Medical will hopefully, naturally, safely and informatively give confidence, to make many feel better about themselves to fulfil their lives”