Traffic Monsoon – Thank you for my lesson

Traffic Monsoon

Online Advertising has changed the world economy as we know it. If you want to get involved read this first. Online advertising is a business anyone that can use the internet can get involved in. It is kind of like buying a share of a company that is in profit without loosing your investment (investment is protected by PayPal for 180 days).

My friend Saheed came to me 6 months ago as he had been wanting an easier way to make money. I have priorities elsewhere and completely dismissed the idea. However he cleverly devised a strategy (needed with any money making venture) so that he would see a profitable outcome.

What Is It?

  • It is a online marketing platform that gives you a share of their profits.

How Does It Work?

  • You invest $50 for an ad pack (minimum) and after 55 days they give you $55 back when it expires (approx £36 pounds and after you get an additional 10% back).
  • The only thing you have to do is log into your account every 24 hours, watch 10 adverts (4 mins total advert time) and if you miss a day then your 10% will come back to you with your initial investment a day later.

Is it profitable in the UK?

  • If you buy one ad pack ($50) you will get $1 per day for 4 mins each day – therefore for 4 hours time in two months you will get $5 so not really worth it.
  • If you buy 50 ad packs (approx £1900 or $2500) then you will make $50 per day. If after every day you purchased another ad pack (expiring after 55 days) then you will make another $1. Therefore it means that you are constantly investing funds into the scheme so that you can see a return.

Other Ways To Increase Earnings

  • Sign other people up using a link provided to you by the company and when they invest you will make a profit also.

Is It A Pyramid Scheme

  • No it is not as you will profit of other people joining if you sign them up – but the person that signed you up will not profit from your efforts.

My Overall Opinion

Investing in banks for interest is a not going to give you a high rate of return unless you have a million pound investment. Banks offer higher rates to individuals with more money and lower rates to those whom could do with more of a return for their money. This gave me an illustration of how your money can work for you and I will use this for savings, even after tax I will be receiving a higher rate of interest (can go into my change the world fund).

Saheed Has Changed His Life & Found His Business

Saheed has been working very long hours for years and has a steady income. He invested around £4000 over the last 6 months and bought ad packs. Saheed also runs talks in Manchester, Glasgow & Huddersfield so that he can get more people to sign up under him. The money that was accumulating in his online account was used by him to purchase more ad packs (without them being active money making is nominal) and he is now making around £25 pounds per hour, every 24 hours. He has worked hard and invested his time and money – like any other business. I wish him all the success in the world… everyone thinks that he is mad. I am kind of mad myself so we get along like a house on fire and I am glad to have him as a friend. To get involved with Saheed and his savings please go to

Since writing the above post I have been encouraged by my friend Saheed to do Life Tree World. Then there are the ethical views that reside within me. As with everything in life, it is a learning curb.


“Saheed actually got quite argumentative and said things to make me feel bad, so that he got his own way”